Life at Camp

A Day In The Life

7:30 Rise & Shine
8:00 Breakfast
8:30-8:45 Warm up
8:45-9:15 Drills
9:20-12:15 Three 50-minute classes*
3:15-3:30 Snack
3:30-4:30 Bonus Workshop**
4:35-5:35 Class
5:40-6:00 Cooldown
6:00-6:30 Free Time
6:30-7:00 Dinner
7:00 Evening Activity***

What Our Campers Have to Say

“I love CRC because I have had the opportunity to meet life-long friends, have my
dancing criticized to make me a better dancer and having a week without my phone!!” –
Piper Florio

“CRC is the best place to be in the Summer! I have made my best friends while attending
camp. I have been to CRC for 5 summers and my weeks spent at camp are the best. Camp
has let me grow as a dancer from the tips and tricks I learn from the fabulous instructors.
I can’t wait to celebrate 20 years of CRC this summer and be a 6-year camper!” – Anne

“Some of my closet friends are from CRC! I love that you get to work on your dancing while having so much fun!” – Peyton Ross

“I loved CRC so much! The counselors are the best and so funny. Evie and Patrick helped me a lot and were very nice. I also loved having class with the amazing Irish Dance Instructors.” – Aidan H

“The best part about CRC is everything!!! I have developed some of the strongest friendships ever from camp. The instructors and classes are also a bomb, the instructors are strict but serious which makes class beneficial and fun.” -Bowen Waltz

“The reason I keep on coming back is for all the amazing new friends I make and all the amazing experiences!” – Casey Boudreau

“My week at CRC is special because of the friendships I made with fellow campers. I love meeting new people and getting to know fellow dancers better. I loved the extra activities we did every day especially the step about. My favorite thing that happened was when we created our skit for showcase.” Riley McLaughlin

“CRC has made my summers the best they could ever be. I’ve made so many new friends that I will remember forever. I go to camp knowing I will be in good hands and that I have nothing to worry about. CRC has formed me into the dancer I am today. I don’t know what my summers would be like without going to this camp with my friends!!!!!” – D T

I LOVE CRC because it is my happy place! I love the friends I’ve made there, the awesome things I’ve learned from the instructors and counselors, the fun memories I’ve made and the strength and skills I’ve gained each year. I look forward to going back each year because I get to do what I love (Irish dance) and have so much fun doing it (I also get a break from my little sister for a week! lol).  -Caileigh Hennessy

“Every year I come back to CRC, I am remembered and welcomed with open arms. I have met so many friends and my dancing has improved greatly thanks to the extensive training provided. Can't wait to come back this summer!” – Lily Rowbotham

“Last year was my first time at CRC and I had a blast! I made so many new friends from different states. I got to work with so many great instructors who love Irish dance just as much as I do. I am counting down the days to next year's CRC camp. I can’t wait to make new friends, see my old friends and continue working on my dancing while making great memories.” -Gabby McGrath


Below are the most frequently asked questions when parents call or write. If this does not answer all your questions, please call or email and we will be happy to help.

What is the age eligibility for camp?

We accept campers starting at age 7. If the camper is over 6.5 years, we first ask that you call the office and speak to the director. We will ask for some information about the camper to make sure that he/she is ready for an overnight experience and also the responsibility that goes along with camp. We accept campers till age 18 (as of Jan 1st of that camp year), EXCEPT for California session and New York session 3. For those sessions, we accept till age 24 (as of Jan 1st of that year).

Has CRC been granted Open Status? What does Open Status mean?

Camp Rince Ceol is happy to announce that we have been granted Open Status to operate a summer program which means we are exempt from any and all association rules through CLRG. Association Rule: A CLRG rule that stipulates that any person, whether registered with An Coimisiún or not, who gives a workshop in any form to a class should be regarded as being associated with that class and any other dancing school in which they have an involvement, whether directly or indirectly. All classes associated with such a person should be regarded as being connected by association.

Can you explain what Bonus Workshops are? Is there an extra charge? And how do we register for those?

The idea of Bonus Classes came to us in 2001. We wanted campers to have the opportunity to be involved in the daily scheduling, so we designed these classes based on the location’s extracurricular activities.
Our Bonus Workshops are held 1 hour each day (Monday-Thursday). We provide 8-12 choices per day. The student and parent make their decisions based on which class is best for them and what they would like to focus on while at camp. You can choose to take more dance classes to work on your overall technique, or you can take cultural classes to focus on Irish traditions. Classes are limited to 25 campers and are based on first come first serve. Classes close quickly! The earlier you register, the more likely you are to receive your first choice. There is no extra charge as it is included in the full tuition. You can register online, or you can simply send an email listing your first choice and alternate.

What are the eligibility requirements for roommates?

We require those roommate choices be within two years of your child’s age and of similar dance level. We realize that for some, the camp experience is much more fun and memorable if they are sharing it with their close friends. We at CRC do not like to break friends up, but we assign dormitory rooms to campers based on age. We prefer not to mix ages as this would make things confusing for the camper, wondering where her/his group is located and also much harder for the counselor to supervise.

I am having problems finding the TCRG form.
Here is the link for our TCRG form. Also, if your dance teacher is traveling out of town, it may be easier for them just to send us an email. All we would need is for them to list the name of the camper, certify that they are registered with CLRG, and they are aware that camper is attending and the dates of attendance.
What are your staff and security like?

The State Health Departments require that we provide a ratio of 1 staff member to every 10-12 campers, but our staff ratio is actually 1 camper per 6-8. We also perform background checks with the National Registry for all staff members. We provide nightly security checks, and all dorms are locked by 11:00 pm. Both venues also provide additional security and nightly checks.

Do you hold any certifications?

Yes, we are certified and permitted to operate a dance camp by State Health Departments. We also are certified with The American Camp Nurse Association and are members of The American Camp Association. All of our nurses are certified with Red Cross and/or American Heart Association.

How much is one week and what does it include?

A one-week session is $1,165.00. This price is all-inclusive: meals, beverages, accommodations, classes, social activities, and the camp t-shirt are just a few of what CRC provides.

My child wants to come for multiple sessions. Do you provide weekend supervision?

Yes, we do. Weekends in between sessions 1&2 and 2&3 in New York are available for campers to attend with staff supervision. Campers will have time to relax, do laundry, go out for dinner, a trip to the movies, have an ice cream party and much more!

Who are your instructors?

Because we are still awaiting Instructors to receive their final tour dates, we cannot publicly list Instructors until they are contracted. Instructors will be listed on our website in May. All of our Instructors are TCRG certified with CLRG. All though we are permitted to hire ADCRG, we choose not to.

Do you provide nurses on your staff?

Yes. We provide two full-time nurses and one part-time nurse. We also set-up a full working infirmary and stock it with everything a camper would need from bug spray to crutches. We hope they will not have to use the latter. If you are an RN, EMT, LPN and are interested in being a camp nurse, please refer to our staff page for more information.

Should we pack a first aid kit for my child?

We do ask that you pack your own first aid kits stocking it with Band-Aids, ACE bandage, medical tape, blister pads, and an ice pack. Our supplies should only be a back-up to what your child brings. Do not pack any medications in your first aid kits. All medications MUST be turned into camp nurse upon registration.

Do you accept children with special conditions such as food/environmental allergies or special diets?

We think that every child should have the opportunity to experience an overnight camp. Therefore we try to accept every camper that registers. It is very unlikely that we will not accept your child based on any medical conditions, but we ask that you call the office first and speak with the director. It is also nice to develop a relationship with the Director before camp attendance. We do our best to accommodate lactose intolerant, gluten-free and vegetarian diets but ask that please contact CRC to discuss your child’s dietary needs.

My child sometimes gets homesick. How do you handle this?

It’s not unusual and can happen at almost any age. Our counselors are specially trained and are sensitive to the emotions experienced by campers who miss home. The most important antidotes we offer to a child who is missing home are love, caring, sympathy and things to do to keep them busy! It is important to acknowledge to the camper that what he or she is experiencing is real, that it can be painful, but with time will pass. We have a common sense approach — i.e., keep a child that is missing home as engaged in camp life as possible.

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