Arrival and Departure Times

Arrival and Departure Times for Adult Camp:

• Check in will be from 3 -6pm. Campers can arrive anytime within this window to check into their apartment and unpack.

• Dinner on the first night is the responsibility of the camper, DINNER will NOT be provided by CRC/Union College. There are many restaurants within walking distance of campus as well as many food delivery services. Information to assist campers about dinner will be emailed out prior to camp arrival.

• Registration will be at 6pm on first day of camp.

• Each camper MUST complete the registration process before being admitted into camp (as regulated by New York state).

• We will have an orientation meeting for all staff and campers shortly after registration. This meeting will include an overview of schedule and activities as well as Grounds Tour.

• First meal will be breakfast on Wednesday Morning

• Departure time is on dates posted above at 11am. We will have a morning medical lecture class as well as some dance classes.

• We do not provide shuttle service for our Adult Campers. There are ride share options available for you to use.

SUNSET, LA 70584

Monday - Wednesday, 10:00am - 2:00 pm (CT)

PHONE: (337) 662-5463
FAX: (337) 662-7270


Please make all checks payable to Thomondgate
Productions, INC.